Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter holidays are over. It's time for uni.

Easter holidays - 6 days with a sewing machine! I began a heap of projects, but didn't really finish anything significant. But I DID find some pretty great things in a local St Vinnies store.

Vinnies had a fill-a-tote-for-$5 special - my idea of heaven :) I managed to cram about 20 books into the bag! Three were sewing books: the first a hideous 80s book by Charmain Watkins (this one will probably get donated back); the second a 70s book on tailoring; the third was the most exciting find - a 1967 Japanese pattern book by Kamakura-Shobo Publishing called Pattern Drafting.

I had a quick look on eBay, and the last sold for about $68 so I must be pretty lucky to have found a cheap copy! I've never drafted a pattern before, and I was a little nervous about it, but so far it's been a lot of fun. So far I've drafted four patterns from the basic sloper:

They have worked very nicely so far. But I won't be able to finish them off until July when I head back home. Which sucks. I'm seriously considering hand-sewing something... Maybe...

These are the next patterns I'm going to draft:

They are very Nancy Drew-like too! Here's a old Vogue pattern I picked up from a bazaar a few months ago:

I wish modern patterns looked like this!

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  1. These are gorgeous illustrations! Thanks for sharing! :)