Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Do Not Like This Shirt.

My BurdaStyle studio has been quiet for months and months now, so I thought I'd upload this top I made from a free BurdaFashion pattern.

Does anyone else have those days where you want to sew something, but can't find the right pattern or fabric in your stash? Or do you constantly say 'I have no fabric' when you have cupboards filled with the stuff? I have this problem all the time, and often ends up producing shirts like this one here.

I used patchwork fabric (bad idea), which is too heavy to drape like the pattern intended. Instead it balloons out from the waistline much like a maternity top :S I also cut the top too short - I like my shirts to hang over the edge of waistbands, not sit just on top. My skin also reacts to the bias binding I used on the arm and neck holes... Weird!

Although this top is going into my I-will-never-wear-that-except-under-a-rather-large-jumper drawer, I'd definitely recommend this pattern to beginners. It's very quick and easy to make, although like most Burda patterns the instructions aren't too flash.

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  1. I actually like that top! It might not look the way it was supposed to in the pattern picture but I think it's nice! It would look good with a nice pair of high waisted shorts.