Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello... anyone there?

Ok. I've always been really critical of the 'blog phenomenon'. Why blog to strangers when you could talk to actual people? This opinion has changed a bit since finishing the first year of my biomedical science degree. I have missed writing so much; in fact, the longest thing I've written since year twelve has been a 800 word prac report on dung beetles (joy). So a blog seemed like a pretty good solution to my literary woes.

Here's a few facts about me to get the ball rolling:

1. I sew, paint (watercolours & acrylics) and draw.

2. According to the Political Compass I am a leftist Libertarian (just like Gandhi). If anyone is a political junkie like myself, or just really feels the need to procrastinate, try taking the test!

3. I'm studying biomedical science.

4. I'd rather be studying a language and political science.

5. I'm half-way through reading the Dymocks Top 100 book list.

6. I love, love, love BurdaStyle! This blog will mostly exist as an extension of my Burdastyle studio.

7. Time for me to go watch the tennis before bed.

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