Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nancy Drew wouldn't wear this.

Here's the lowdown: I have no nice shirts for uni, but heaps of dresses. I cannot wear dresses to pracs. Despite this, I continue sewing dresses. I'm slowing starting to crawl my way out of this predicament thank goodness! Here's my first effort. Is it a success? Maybe. Comfy? Mildly. Does it exude a strong pyjama-top vibe? Definitely.

I disciplined myself on Australia Day to sit down and make a comfy top from an old sheet I thrifted for $2 from Red Cross. I dug up McCall's 7562 "Make it Tonight, Wear it Tomorrow" Pattern and set about altering View A.

First off I copied the bodice onto greaseproof paper and extended it down past the natural waistline to about hip-level. I (stupidly) forgot to flare the bodice out around the hips, so it sits a little snug. No matter, it's a good learning process to go through.

See the flappy-thing at the front? This had to go, so I restructured the neckline to allow for the bib. I quickly drew out the shape for the bib and began to pintuck it. I actually love to pintuck! Weird, I know, but I find it really soothing. It was a bit fiddly sewing the bib and lace onto the bodice, but I managed to get it done without tears.

Everything else was pretty smooth sailing thank goodness! The instructions for the pattern didn't really produce the neatest garment, so next time I use it I'll probably make it up myself. Here's the front:

The back isn't as nice. It looks a bit saggy:

All in all, it's not too bad. I think it treads a very fine line between a casual blouse and a daggy pyjama top. But hey, I have another top to wear to uni :D

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  1. I also have nothing to wear to uni! I loooove that top. Not pyjamaesque at all.