Friday, January 29, 2010

Not a sleuthing bag.

This is my Traveller’s Bag, made from Merita’s pattern on Burdastyle.

I made it especially for uni, and it turned out to be quite fantastic! Not only does it look cute, but I can fit heaps of stuff in it for uni (plus a drink bottle, I can't believe I left it out of the picture. I love water):

I lined it with calico (I just wasn't in the mood to chase up a better fabric) and added inside pockets to fit keys, mobile, ipod, a notebook & tissues.

I also used herringbone strapping instead of fabric to make the straps. This stuff is just the greatest thing ever - it is so strong and doesn't require stitching, turning, pressing et cetera. I desperately wanted to use chunky metal zipper, but I live in a small town and the fabric store only sells metal zippers in short sizes for jeans. Instead I settled for a slightly-too-long chunky plastic zipper, and I think it looks pretty good. I just had to add a tag at the end, because it extends past the end of the bag.

I salvaged this cotton twill from Red Cross - $2 for about 3 metres. According the label, it had ‘2 small holes along its length’. This provided some amusement at home, because when unfolded there were actually about six rather large rectangles cut right out in the middle.

Weird, but funny! I think I’ll make a yoga bag out of the rest.


  1. I have never really cared for the traveler's bag but you have totally changed my mind! I love your version.. its so perfect!

  2. I've been looking at this bag trying to decide if I want to make it. Yours looks great! I would love to see it modeled, though, so I know just how big it is in relation to the body.

  3. Heya I love your version :) could you post up a tutorial? because Meritas didnt seem to work for anyone...
    my email:
    thanks L.

  4. Heys guys! I'm glad you all like the bag - it's a really great pattern :)

    sb - I'll try to post a picture of me with the bag soon! I think it's a little too small, but the pattern would be super-easy to enlarge.

    Ginny - I might try and post a tutorial when I get some time off uni. I'll send you a message once I get around to it :)

  5. Hi Sarah! I found your blog threw the Burda Website. I love this bag you've made, could you tell me the size of it? I want to make a travel bag for weekends away and this looks like the right model. Thank you!

  6. Hi Ditte! Sorry, it took me a while to check my emails!

    The bag is roughly 33cm long and 23cm high. It would be a great travel bag! Luckily the pattern is just a few rectangles and circles, so it can be made any size you like :)