Monday, February 1, 2010

She wore it in the '70s.

A simple chambray pinafore made from a very old Simplicity pattern, which I cannot find anywhere :S

This project has been sitting in my project box for about 4 years (since I was 14, I think). I redid the zipper, because I had done a truly dreadful job all those years ago. It’s really funny, because I remember it was the first zipper I had sewn in all by myself :D Unfortunately, this fabric wasn't too keen on being unpicked and resewn, so the fabric covering the zip doesn't sit properly.

The only other thing I had to do was attach the buttons! The fabric frayed a great deal when I attempted a buttonhole, so I opted for snaps instead. Hey, they pop off randomly throughout the day but it saved me the pain of getting out my buttonhole chisel and crying at the mess it made.

Now... if anyone else has an old sewing machine, you will probably know that changing to a heavy thread isn't much fun. Tensioning it is a nightmare, and it often tangles and snaps in the bobbin. Even though I love the look of the denim thread, I think the next time I use it will be too soon.


  1. Hi! Just found your blog from Burdastyle. You've done a really awesome job with that dress. Well done! I hate that when you only have a tiny little bit to finish on a dress and you never get around to it. I always totally lose interest and it never happens... so well done for persevering!

  2. Thanks Lily :) I know, it's so difficult to get something done! I still have a stack of unfinished projects sitting on my wardrobe :S I'll have to get onto them soon...

  3. Hi there...and I just found your blog from Lily's blog :) It is indeed wonderful and I xoxo this little dress and the stitching detail! You are close to my daughters age and just adorable. Keep blogging :)