Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day to Op-Shop

An orthodontist appointment brought me into town today, giving me a few hours to poke around the local shops. I live in a small, rural town during the holidays, so I usually save my money till I hit Brisbane for uni. Unexpectedly, I had such a productive day! My newsagent has suddenly started selling proper artist supplies, so I finally got my hands on a roll of gummed tape for my watercolour paintings (yay)! Next was a stop to Salvo's. So, so much fun. I managed to get one dress, two skirts, 1 blouse and heaps of stretchy striped fabric for $13. Not bad!

Here's the first find, a size 16 Crossroads dress. It's very cute and Audrey Hepburn-ish. Still, it'll need to undergo a major restructure if it is ever to be worn by me. A challenge awaits!

Next is a Harry Potter blouse (the label, not the poor wizard-boy). Too big, but easily fixed!

Here's a size 10 Sussan skirt. Missing a button. Some size 10, it's minute in all direction! This one will definitely only be worn with thick tights or leggings :D

Last one: another skirt (and I'm not even a skirt person!). This one looks handmade (the seams aren't overlocked and the zipper doesn't match - it's gray). It's very tiny again, but has a really nice shape to it.

(And yes, I was boiling taking these pictures! It is far too hot for tights).

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  1. You found some brilliant stuff! I'm crap at op shopping... I don't have the patience for it. Are you aware of this girl:
    She buys the grossest stuff in size 22 from op shops and turns them into the cutest little dresses! I really should try harder!