Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Return to college life.

I'm back in Brisbane for my second year of uni! I'm very excited, however I will be without a sewing machine for a few months. Very sad stuff, especially considering I've left my gorgeous 1930s Singer treadle machine at home (a recent purchase, but more on that later!). If anyone knows anything about treadle machines, let me know because I'm eager to get mine working :)

To fill the crafty void in my life, I'm teaching myself crochet. It is very addictive and is a good way to make my hands sore. I also have no idea what I'm doing. My first project is this chain mesh beret by millionish. Halfway through I ran out of the ugly pink wool I found in the back of the cupboard at home. So now it looks like a clown collar! I'll go searching for some other pink wool - I think it will soon find a home in my little cousin's dress-up box :)

I've moved into an ensuite room at college this year! It's massive compared to my old room, so I am enjoying it a great deal!

I also have a little art station now...

Despite my room being quite large, there isn't a great deal of storage space. This means my textbooks are left balanced precariously on this little dresser...

More sewing posts to come soon - I feel compelled to show off my treadle machine :D

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